Article Title

Don't Fail Me Now


Amanda Morgan


Outstanding, Young Adult, Trust, Family, Poor, Adversity

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Book Review


When Michelle’s mom is arrested again, the only person Michelle can trust is herself. Normally, Michelle and her siblings would stay with their grumpy Aunt Sam until they can pay her Mom’s bail, but now, Sam insists they pay rent. At work the next day, a boy tells Michelle that her estranged father, Buck, is dying in California and has something valuable for her. However, there is a catch: if she decides to see him, she has to take the boy and his stepsister, who is the illegitimate child of Buck, with her. So, two fancy white kids and three poor black kids run away to California. With minimal money, they are fugitives who don't always get along. But even though it’s a struggle, it is worth it, and at the end of their journey, Michelle learns that not everyone will fail her.