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Emma Patton


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Soccer, Divorce, Reading, Romance, School

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Book Review


Even with all the words in the English language, sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say. Nick loves to play soccer and doesn't think anything else matters. His dad uses big words and makes Nick read the dictionary, but Nick doesn't see the point. At school, the librarian tries anything he can to get Nick to settle down and read a book, but there can't possibly be any book that’s better than soccer. But then Nick’s life starts getting a little more complicated. He thought his family was perfect, but his mom and dad tell Nick that they're going to separate. A beautiful girl named April seems to be interested in him, but he doesn't know how to be smooth around her. Nick also realizes that he might not always have soccer in his life, and so he needs to figure out who he is when he’s off the field. As he tries to make sense of it all, Nick finds that having the right words could come in handy, after all.