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Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Gay; Friendship; Graphic Novel; Music; Family

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Book Review


Ari can't wait to leave. Working at the family bakery is all he’s ever done, and he’s ready for a change. Ari’s friends and bandmates want to move to Baltimore to start a music career, but Ari knows he can't leave his parents behind without finding someone to help out with the struggling bakery. Luckily, he finds Hector, who is passionate about baking and looking for something to do while he’s taking a break from school. Hector is great in the kitchen, fun to be around, and quick to learn the family recipes. But as Ari spends time with Hector, his upcoming move to Baltimore seems much less appealing. Ari realizes that moving away might not be his dream anymore, but he’s not sure whether it’s because he has learned to love his life or because he’s learned to love the soft-hearted young man that he’s working beside.