Article Title

White Rose


Emma Patton


Outstanding, Young Adult, War, Students, Family, Resistance, Poetry

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Book Review


Sophie Scholl is German, but she isn’t so proud of that fact. Adolf Hitler is in power, and though her parents are both against Hitler’s regime, they can't do much about it. As Sophie watches her brothers and boyfriend get called to fight for Germany, Sophie feels that it is wrong for them to support of a dictator who is doing such terrible things. When Sophie discovers that her brother Hans is creating and distributing leaflets with radical messages as a part of a resistance group called “White Rose,” she knows she wants to help. The White Rose is a cause that Sophie believes in, so when she and her brother are later caught and questioned by the Gestapo, she does not feel any regret for participating in something so dangerous. She feels sure that, no matter what happens, she will be remembered as someone who bravely spoke her mind in the face of corruption.