Krista Alletto


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Preschool, Adventure, Pirates, Treasure

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Book Review


A pirate bunny and his pirate gang take to the seas on a hunt for treasure. Their journey is filled with unexpected obstacles including a giant squid, wicked whales, and a heavy hurricane. They can navigate these difficulties well enough, but then a huge ocean wave appears. The crew must walk the plank and head for shore. Just as they near the gold treasure, they face yet another problem: an army of bones! Despite the difficulties, they find the treasure at last. But as the crew delights in their loot, a small visitor appears and scares the crew all the way back to the beginning, past the army, the hurricane, the whales and squid. After all their adventures, the pirate bunny and his fellow pirates decide that before they embark on another quest, they first need a nap.