Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Autism, Siblings, Romance, High School, Family

Document Type

Book Review


Chloe has a hot boyfriend and an effortless social life, but her home life is complicated. Her parents are divorced and her mom is remarried to an obnoxious guy. Chloe also feels the constant pressure of taking care of her sister. Even though Ivy is three years older, she has autism and needs help navigating life. Every time Chloe leaves Ivy behind, she feels guilty, and she constantly worries about Ivy being lonely. So when Ivy expresses an interest in Ethan, another kid with autism from her school, Chloe encourages Ivy to pursue him. What she doesn't know is that Ethan’s older brother is none other than David Fields, one of her least favorite people. But Chloe and David have a lot in common. Where Chloe’s friends have never understood her relationship with Ivy, David fills the same role in Ethan’s life and can relate to the pressure that Chloe feels. As Chloe pushes Ethan and Ivy closer together, she is also surprised to detect a friendship developing between her and David.