Excellent, Young Adult, Freedom, Dystopian, Rebellion, Love, Contests

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Book Review


In this second installment of the Selection series, seventeen-year-old America Singer continues to participate in a competition for the hand and heart of the prince. As this book begins, the competition group has been narrowed down from thirty-four girls to only six—the elite. America’s heart is split between a new life and love with Prince Maxon and remaining true to her roots and first-love Aspen. This conflict of interest places her at a serious disadvantage compared to the other participants, and although Maxon has repeatedly shown patience and mercy, her chance to choose her own future is quickly slipping away. In the midst of her rollercoaster of emotions, America makes a public decision that causes disastrous results. However, this serves as a wake-up call to her true feelings and renews her dedication to remain in the selection competition.