Article Title

The Rambling


Jessica Mellor


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, Family, Adventure, Friendship, Game, Curse

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Book Review


Buddy has always had the worst luck. When he almost burns down his mother’s bakery, he decides it’s time to leave town and live with his father by the swamp. But it’s only after one day that his father is kidnapped and Buddy goes on an adventure to try and save him. Along the way, Buddy almost gets eaten, befriends a spider-folk, and learns about the magical game of Parsnit. Parsnit is a magical game that uses cards as a way to tell the most compelling story. Whoever tells the best story wins, but if you lose, it could mean your death. Buddy must learn how to play the game and have one final Parsnit duel if he wants to save everyone he cares about.