Article Title

Spare and Found Parts


Giselle Davis


Nell Crane has never quite fit in. Her parents were geniuses, creating bio-mechanical body parts that save people's lives, and she needs to live up to their reputation. With time growing short before she must offer a contribution to society, the weight of expectation is heavy on her shoulders. Add to that the growing distance of her one friend Ruby and the persistent attention of Oliver Kelly, the most annoying boy in the world, and Nell is finding it difficult to act like everything is okay. However, inspiration strikes when she discovers Oliver is salvaging old models of her father's bio-mechanical limbs. Combining them with old computer technology, Nell creates an automaton for her contribution, a way to show that old technology can still be useful today. But before she can prepare her presentation, Nell discovers that her father is planning to pass her work off as his own. With aid from her friends, Nell successfully stops her father and gets the chance to show her creation to the world.