Article Title

Slice of Cherry


Amanda Morgan


There is only one thing inseparable sisters Kit and Fancy love as much as each other: murder. Worried that Kit's violent urges will land her on death row with their father, Fancy yearns for them to be able to kill without being caught. In the mysterious town of Portero, Texas, where monsters run rampant and people fall through doors to other worlds, the spirit of town-founder Cherry grants wishes once a year. Cherry grants Fancy’s wish, and the two sisters can now kill without consequence. But to Fancy's dismay, this makes Kit become more compassionate. They drift further apart when Kit falls in love with Gabriel Turner and spends less time with her sister. Gabriel’s brother Illan is a lot more sensible, except that he’s head-over-heels for Fancy. Fancy begins to ask questions and search out answers and in the end, the four of them have to accept who they really are and work together to kill who hurt them the most.