Article Title

Pivot Point


Emma Patton


Addie lives in a secret community where everyone has special abilities. At her high school, she and her classmates are taught how to maximize their abilities and use them wisely. Addie’s ability is to see ahead past a single choice to what the outcome will be for each option. She’s really never used her ability, until her parents tell her that the two of them are getting a divorce. Addie must choose to stay with her mom in the community, or go with her dad, who plans to leave it all behind to live among the “norms.” Addie must make the decision by looking further into the future than she ever has before. She hopes that, once she sees both of the options, her choice will be clear. However, she learns that the choice is not obvious and either way, she has to make sacrifices. She just has to figure out what sacrifices she can live with.