Article Title

The Crossover


Emma Patton


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Basketball, Brothers, School, Poetry, Family

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Book Review


Josh is at the very top of his game. He and his twin brother, Jordan, are the two stars of their basketball team, and they're getting better every day. Josh has nothing holding him back, except for his mom insisting that he pay as much attention in school as he does on the court. But when a new girl moves to their school, Jordan starts paying more attention to her than to his own twin brother. Suddenly, Josh feels very alone. Also, he hears his parents arguing about his dad’s health, but he’s practically invincible, or so it seems to Josh. Where Josh used to only have to think about basketball, he now worries about losing his relationship with his brother and the possibility that his dad may not be as strong as he pretends to be. Josh wanders how he can stay at the top of his game when he suddenly has so much to balance.