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Emma Patton


Outstanding, Young Adult, Sisters, Crime, Revenge, Family, Mystery

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Book Review


Sisters Sadie and Mattie live in a small, impoverished town. With unknown fathers and an absent, drug-addicted mother, they only have each other. Even though their relationship isn’t perfect, the love between them is fierce, and Sadie feels that it is her job to care for Mattie and make her life easier than hers has been. So when Mattie is killed, Sadie’s whole life is upended. Though the local authorities conduct a cursory investigation into Mattie’s death, they don't find any answers. Sadie, left without closure, goes on a mission to learn the truth and exact revenge for Mattie. Meanwhile, a radio station hears about the story, and the host begins doing some investigation of his own for his new podcast. Sadie certainly would rather be left to handle things on her own, but she leaves clues in her wake to keep the radio host intrigued as they find the answers to all these mysteries.