Article Title

After the River the Sun


Phyllis Rosen


Dependable, Intermediate, Orphan, Uncle, Orchard, Friendship, Courage, River

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Book Review


Eckhart Lyon is sent to live with his Uncle Al after his parents drown in a car accident. Required to help out on Uncle Al’s orchard, the only thing Eckhart has left of his parents is a violin that was a gift from his mother. His uncle has no sympathy, but Eckhart finds friendship when he meets a girl named Eva, who has a vivid imagination and who loves everything about King Arthur and his knights. Gradually Eckhart learns to have hope and courage. But when Uncle Al tries to force Eckhart to choose between staying on the farm keeping his beloved violin, Eckhart must show great bravery and courage to save himself and discover his own ability to love.