Rudy Palencia


Outstanding, Intermediate, Soccer, Sports, Juvenile Literature

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Book Review


Carli Lloyd dedicated her whole life to become one of the best soccer players in the world. As a young girl, she joined soccer clubs. She tried out for the regional team in South Jersey but did not make it. She was upset, but then she received a letter inviting her to join the Medford Strikers. She continued to progress in her soccer career, but she almost quit when she was cut from the under-twenty-one USA team and was told that she was not working hard enough to be at the national level. This was difficult for her, but then she met James Galanis, who became Carli’s mentor for the rest of her soccer career. James Galanis believed in Carli’s potential if she would give her all until the end of every game. James and Carli worked together and set high goals, and Carli ended up making the U.S Women’s Soccer National Team.