Dependable, Primary, Picture Book, Hanukkah, Friendship, Community

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Book Review


Yetta, a courageous and nimble chicken, escapes from the poultry farm in which she was raised. She discovers the welcoming city of Brooklyn, where there are kind people and friendly creatures. She nestles on top of a city streetlight at night with her fellow fowl friends as winter quickly approaches. As the chill of the season falls upon them, they become a team, helping each other in times of need. One day, Yetta finds a tiny kitten amidst a snowdrift, hungry and astray. She wants to offer it security, but she and her colorful parrot friends know they can't do it on their own. With only a stark idea of how to properly care for a kitten, they realize that at this sacred season of Hanukkah, a visit to the old grandmother’s house at this special time of love and celebration is precisely what they need.