Article Title

August Isle


Taylor Nelson


Outstanding, Intermediate, Mother-Daughter Relationship, Family, Grief, Facing Fears, Bravery

Document Type

Book Review


Miranda has spent years longing to go to August Isle, the town where her mother spent her girlhood summers. But Miranda never wanted to go like this. With both parents busy with work assignments, Miranda is sent to August Isle to spend the summer with her mother's friend Clare and her daughter Sammy. Miranda and Sammy immediately connect, and the summer looks up as new friendships develop and the isle is explored. As Miranda determines to discover why her mother stopped coming to August Isle and why she distances herself from her family, Miranda finds herself tangled in a web of mysteries, involving an old seafarer, a distant lighthouse, and a familiar name. As she begins to find answers, Miranda must face her fears head on and learn to forgive both her mother and herself.