Article Title

Arc of a Scythe


Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Competition, Death, Morality, Secrets, Romance

Document Type

Book Review


Citra and Rowan live in an advanced society where death is a thing of the past and population size needs to be controlled. This is the work of a scythe. Scythes are tasked with permanently killing (or “gleaning”) a certain number of random people every year. Everyone fears scythes, but they also command respect. So when Scythe Faraday asks both Citra and Rowan to be his apprentices, they hesitate. But each feels a draw to the mysterious occupation and agrees to train. However, corruption lurks in the society. The more the apprentices learn, the more they realize that their society needs scythes who are honorable and fair—otherwise the scales could tip and gleaning could become nothing more than legalized murder.