Article Title

And We're Off


Amanda Morgan


Excellent, Young Adult, Travel, Art, Family, Coming-of-age, Relationships

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Book Review


Nora Parker-Holmes is an accomplished fan-fiction cartoonist preparing for the excursion of a life time, studying art in Europe. Unfortunately, her dream of a picture perfect trip is shattered when her controlling mother decides to come along. As Nora and her mother tour Europe, they run into closed museums, confusing bus routes, and a variety of contention-causing situations. Worst of all, Nora's mother doesn't appreciate her art. Despite her mother’s presence, Nora is able to improve her skills and meet friends, including a cute boy her age. Eventually, Nora realizes she’s not sure who she is as an artist, and as the weeks go on, she’s not sure who she is as a person, a realization that makes this trip a learning experience.