Article Title

Open If You Dare


Emily Loveless


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Children's, Mystery, Friendship

Document Type

Book Review


Birdie’s summer was troublesome enough before a long-buried box with “Open if you dare” written on the lid came into her life. Now, on top of Ally’s pitching slump, Rose’s imminent removal to Britain, Birdie’s annoying younger sister, and unwelcome boy drama, the three best friends have a forty-year old mystery to solve. This is their last summer together, and Birdie is trying to be a good friend, but with so many problems and clues dividing her attention, feelings and people get hurt. To finally lay this mystery to rest and give the summer the send-off it deserves, Birdie and her friends break a mailbox, visit a stranger in a nursing home, delve into the retired and alphabetized stacks at the library, and ultimately snoop under the floorboards in a neighbor’s house. The real story behind the mystery isn’t anything the girls could have guessed, but by the time the clues are all laid out, the summer has become one none of them will ever forget.