Giselle Davis


Dependable, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Aliens, Super Powers, Action, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


One year after the invasion of Earth, teenagers across the globe are continuing to discover they have been gifted Legacies similar to those of their Loric heroes. With many countries worried about safety, it is decided an academy will be built where these kids can learn to use their powers, after which they will be put into service for the United Nations. Some are excited to go, such as Kopano Okeke from Nigeria. Others, like Taylor Cook, would rather keep their powers hidden. Taylor avoids the Academy as long as possible, but once she's there she finds herself making friends with a group of underdog outcasts like herself. What the kids don't know is that another organization is working to undermine the Academy. When Taylor is kidnapped for her healing Legacy, the group must survive long enough to rescue her and find a way to infiltrate the other organization to learn what their plans are.