Article Title

Lizzie Flying Solo


Taylor Nelson


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Homelessness, Family, Horses, Love, Resilience

Document Type

Book Review


After Lizzie St. Clair’s father is imprisoned for embezzling, Lizzie and her mother are forced to give up their home. They move to a transitional housing shelter named Good Hope until they can get back on their feet. Lizzie is determined to stay invisible at her new school so no one will ask her about her father or her living situation. But one day, she discovers a nearby horse farm and instantly connects with a frightened young pony, whom she names Fire. She becomes a working student at the stable in order to be close to Fire, and she decides to save up the money to buy him. As she works to find opportunities to fulfill her impossible dream, Lizzie must open up to those around her, realizing along the way that everyone has their own problems, and that true strength lies in vulnerability.