Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Poetry, Addiction, Friendship, Gay, Grief

Document Type

Book Review


Life is moving too fast for Avery to be able to process it all. He is getting to know his own sexuality, grappling with his mother’s addiction, and reminiscing about the life of one of his favorite people: his grandfather, Pal. With so much confusion and uncertainty in life, Avery finds that the only things that make sense right now are the things that are just as perplexing and ambiguous as his life is. For this reason, Avery finds solace in poetry. If the famous poets have the courage to write about tough things, why can't Avery do it too? And so Avery’s entire life becomes a series of poems. In these messy collections of words, Avery discovers a clarity that has been lacking in his life. Even amidst the turmoil of loving his best friend and protecting his mother from herself, he finds that there is a beauty in the written word that can help him navigate the uncharted territory of adolescence.