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Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Addiction, Sports, Adoption, High school, Divorce

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Book Review


Mickey Catalan is many things to many people, but with her senior softball season on the horizon, a teammate is all she wants to be. So when she gets in a car accident and injures her leg, all of Mickey’s plans are affected. After hip surgery, Mickey’s doctors tell her that she might not be healed enough by the time softball conditioning starts to participate in the season. For Mickey, this possibility is devastating, so she resolves to do whatever is necessary to beat the clock. Mickey manages the pain with her prescribed medication. But, when her medication runs out, she’s still a long way from recovered. Eventually, she meets Edith, a older woman who sells Mickey more pills. Since she was prescribed the medication by a doctor, Mickey feels justified in buying a little more. After all, she only needs enough to help her get to the softball season, then she plans to stop. But, as Mickey finds she needs more of the medication to hold it together, a life without the pills begins to seem impossible.