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Here We Are Now


Amanda Morgan


Dependable, Young Adult, Music, family, teenagers, romance

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Book Review


Taliah Sahar Abdallat has never known who her dad is, but she's pretty certain he’s the famous indie rock star Jullian Oliver. They have the same eyes, the same smile, and the same love for music—not to mention the shoebox of letters from him to her Mom. Since Taliah’s mother still won’t give her a straight answer about who her dad is, she decides to write letters to Jullian himself. After years of letters, she has received no answer from him, until one day he shows up on her doorstep. Her suspicions of her parentage are confirmed, as Jullian Oliver tells her that his father—her grandfather—is dying and he wants her to say goodbye. Since Taliah’s mother is out of town, Taliah and her best friend, Harlow, make the rash decision to go with him. There, in Jullian’s hometown, Taliah meets family members she never knew she had and uncovers a history of her Mom and Jullian she never could have imagined.