Becky Jamieson


Excellent, Intermediate, Post office, magic, trains, friends

Document Type

Book Review


Suzy loves physics. With it Suzy can make sense of the world. However, that changes when the magical trolls running the Impossible Postal Express use her house as a shortcut. Suzy then finds beauty in all of the worlds she visits in the Union of Impossible Places while on the magical postal train. Meeting many new people she also makes many new friends as well as a few enemies. Crepuscula, a powerful witch, chases Suzy and Frederick, a boy she rescues, in an attempt to recapture Frederick. In the end however, Suzy realizes that Crepuscula is not evil, but is in fact trying to prevent the takeover of the Union of magical worlds from the Meridian. Suzy, with help from Crepuscula and her troll friends, stop the Meridian and thereby save the worlds. Although, when Suzy goes home, she cannot wait for her next magical adventure.