Danielle Dallas


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Nature, Field Trip, Hike

Document Type

Book Review


Laughable, lovable Little Critter narrates his adventures as he hikes through a state park on a class field trip. Miss Kitty and her animal class are ready to go with their hiking gear and snacks. But despite reviewing safe hiking rules with the park ranger, they still manage to encounter a series of misfortunes: falling down and needing a bandage, losing a hat, mistakenly picking poison ivy as a leaf specimen, falling into the river, avoiding a skunk, being followed by a bear cub and shortly thereafter its mama! They may lose their snacks and they may get tired and grumpy, but in the end, Little Critter and his classmates look forward to hiking again. The moral is subtle but encouraging: when we try something unfamiliar, we may stumble along the way but we can still choose to appreciate the experience.