Article Title

This Is How It Happened


Emily Loveless


Excellent, Young Adult, Peer Pressure, Friendship, Romance, Internet Culture, Death

Document Type

Book Review


Genevieve Grace doesn’t remember what caused the accident that put her in a coma and killed her boyfriend, Dallas. When the media suggests that the driver of the other car was intoxicated, the outrage and vicious condemnation she sees online makes her feel sorry for Brad, and then afraid for herself as her memory begins to return. As public vitriol towards Brad builds to a boil, Genevieve escapes to her father’s house just outside Zion National Park to avoid insensitive and curious classmates and pushy reporters, but laying low only hides her from Dallas’s fan base for so long, and it does nothing to shield her from her own returning memories. She is the one at fault, and her conscience is at war with her fear of the hate that has been misdirected at Brad for so long. First confiding in Elliot begins to give Genevieve the courage and determination that leads her to officially clear the record and begin the process of moving forward from the tragedy in the open.