Amanda Bishop


Excellent, Young Adult, Teenage, outcast, humor, coming of age, immigration

Document Type

Book Review


Norris Kaplan isn’t pleased with his new living situation. He is forced to move to miserably hot Austin, Texas, from his beloved Montreal, Canada (and ice hockey), after his mother finds a new job. To make matters worse, Norris’ father has a new wife and baby, which doesn’t leave much time for him. Norris isn’t quick to fit in with others because of his sarcastic approach to other teenagers, especially the typical American teenager he knows from films. But people are not always who you assume them to be. Norris’s abrasive personality makes him hard to like, especially when he thinks he is better than everyone else, but life is full of lessons and Norris learns through the encounters of his classmates, his parents, and his crush that opening up and being honest might just be in his best interest.