Article Title

The Lost Girl


Audrey Lowther


Outstanding, Intermediate, Magic, Twins, Self-discovery, Adventure

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Book Review


Iris and Lark are twins who do everything together—until one day, their parents put them in separate classes and after-school activities. As Iris attends her classes and the after-school program "Camp Awesome," she finds herself constantly worrying about Lark, and eventually realizes that trying to protect her more sensitive, whimsical twin was a big part of how she defined herself. Iris begins to feel lost and distanced from Lark, and finds herself spending more and more time with the strange proprietor of the antique shop across the street from Camp Awesome, Mr. Green. Mr. Green confirms Iris's worst fears for Lark by telling her about his own sister, Alice, who disappeared because she was too sensitive to handle the real world. However, Iris soon finds out that Mr. Green isn't all that he seems, and that he may even be dangerous. It's up to Lark and Iris's fellow campers—and unexpected new friends—from Camp Awesome to come to her rescue.