Jana Carter


Excellent, Primary, Friendship, Service, Crafting

Document Type

Book Review


Maddy and her friend Darcy want to buy Christmas gifts for their school teachers. Amina, a refugee from Syria, and her family are new to the neighborhood. Maddy, Darcy, and Amina discover that despite their differences, they have much in common and become fast friends. They hatch a plan to start a gift-wrapping business and work together to create their supplies. When Amina leaves, Maddy and Darcy decide to change their plan. They know that Amina's grandparents are still in war-torn Syria and that Amina desperately wishes her family could be reunited. Wouldn't it be better to give Amina the money for her grandparents? Sure that Amina will be happy with the generous gift, the girls run to tell her. Unfortunately, their action sets Amina apart as an outsider, and she is hurt. The girls work with Amina to fix the problem. Through their challenges, they learn that their similarities are more important than their differences, and that making a friend is no harder than just being one.