Article Title

Paper Butterflies


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, abuse, romance, race, family, secret

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Book Review


June has a secret, but she doesn’t know if anyone would believe her. After the death of June’s mom, her dad marries Katherine, and Katherine and her daughter, Megan, join June’s family. But Katherine will not be the mother figure that June so desperately needs. Instead, she is June’s near-constant abuser. June tries to tell her dad and other adults, but she can never find the words. The hopelessness of being an outcast at home and school leaves June with very little light in her life. But then she meets Blister, a boy from a poor but loving family. With Blister, she feels safe for the first time since her mom died. She knows that he would believe her secret, but their time together is so precious that she doesn’t want it to be ruined by the truth. All she has to do is survive until she can start a new life, free from her abusers.