Article Title

The Stranger Game


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, sisters, mystery, secret, memory

Document Type

Book Review


Nico hasn’t always been an only child. Her sister, Sarah, disappeared four years ago. For years, her family followed leads, but without ever getting any closure. Just when Nico thinks she can move on from the tragedy of her sister’s disappearance, the family hears news. A girl turns up who says her name is Sarah Walker, but her retrograde amnesia has left her with holes in her memory so that she doesn’t remember what happened to her. Nico’s parents bring Sarah home, and the family starts to ease her back into normal life, even after the unknown traumas she’s endured. Nico is pleasantly surprised. She once received constant abuse from her sister, but now Sarah is seeking connection and friendship. Their relationship flourishes in ways that it never could have before. Nico wonders whether it’s possible for a person to change this much. But she tries not to question it, because she prefers the sister she gained to the sister she lost.