Article Title

How to Disappear


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, High School, social media, friendship, anxiety, depression

Document Type

Book Review


Vicky has always been shy, but that has never mattered until her best (and only) friend moves away. Once Jenna is gone, Vicky realizes just how much she relied on Jenna to help her navigate life, but when she talks to Jenna about it, she realizes that Jenna has already made some new friends and is doing fine without her. Vicky realizes that maybe she needed Jenna more than Jenna needed her. Feeling pathetic and wishing she had a different life, Vicky creates an alter-ego and Instagram account named “Vicurious” and puts her Photoshop skills to work, creating pictures of her character doing exciting and daring things—things that Vicky herself would never do. Something about just seeing the pictures makes her feel like she’s experiencing life the same way that other people are. Vicurious starts as just a personal project, but it quickly grows to become bigger than Vicky could have ever planned. Suddenly, she has a voice that people are listening to, and she has to learn to be okay with being heard.