Article Title

Right Behind You


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, High School, Forgiveness, Murder, Family, Therapy

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Book Review


Kip McFarland is a monster. Or, at least, that’s what people say. When he was nine years old, he set another kid on fire, and consequently spent the next several years in juvenile detention facility. But the time has come for Kip to leave the ward and start living as normal a life as he can. There are still people who think his punishment was too light for the crime and his family has been targeted, so he must change his name and move to a new town if he really wants a chance at a new life. Kip’s dad is excited for the move, since it will be a fresh start for him as well. Kip knows he should be excited to be a real teenager, but there’s something holding him back. Part of him doubts that he’ll ever be able to leave his past behind him. Because even if the people around him don’t know what he did, he will always carry that truth, and he struggles to believe that he will ever be able to forgive himself and move on.