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I Love You More Than…


Liz Kazandzhy


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Parents, Divorce, Emotions

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Book Review


Not all parents have the opportunity to be with their young children full-time. In this story, a father who is often separated from his son tells of the many reasons he loves him. In the beginning, he reassures him by saying, “My child. I am not always with you as much as I’d like. And when we’re not together, I miss you. You are always running around in my mind and chilling inside my heart.” As the book goes on, the father gives many “I love you more than …” statements, followed by a related memory. For example, “I love you more than I love singing … But I love to belt out your favorite la la la lullaby before you fall asleep.” There are plenty of joint activities he reminisces about, like dancing, watching 3-D movies, eating out, and going to the beach. His final caring words are “I love you. I love you. I just love you.”