Article Title

Chemistry Lessons


Katelyn Osborn


Dependable, Young Adult, Dating, Friendship, Chemistry, Breakup, Grief

Document Type

Book Review


Maya’s summer is going incredibly well. She has the perfect boyfriend, Whit, a great internship at MIT, and amazing coworkers and friends, Kyle and Yael. But Maya wishes she could have shared this last summer before college with her mom, a scientist at MIT who died earlier that year. In her will, she left all her research notebooks to Maya, and until this point Maya hasn’t wanted to look through them. After Whit dumps her unexpectedly, she opens a few boxes of research and finds an experiment she never expected. Her mom was working on a love serum—a love serum that could help her win Whit back! Together with her mom’s research assistant, Maya takes the serum herself and documents the effects it has on Kyle (a friend), Asher (a stranger), and lastly, Whit (an ex). But seemingly simple experiments on paper tend to get a lot messier in real life, and Maya is left with more questions than answers. Sometimes matters of love can’t be solved using an experiment.