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Jojo and the Food Fight!


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Conflict Resolution, Friendship, Peace, Animals

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Book Review


When the jungle explodes into a food fight, one animal chooses to take creative action to stop it. Braving the frenzy of flying food, Jojo the elephant appears on the scene claiming to have lost his memory—he can’t even recall what a banana is! The lion, monkey, and crocodile, hippopotamus, and others take a timeout to sit down with Jojo. He tries to get to the bottom of the food fight—why did it start? At first, the animals blame each other, but as they eat their bananas, some begin to offer up their fruits to share. They all reminisce about better times. Jojo shares one memory, only to get caught—everyone sees he hasn’t lost his memory after all! But no one’s mad since they’ve become friends again.