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Maybe a Mermaid


Gabrielle Borg


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Family, Adventure, Friendship, Self-Discovery, Summer, Make-Believe

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Book Review


Anthoni Gillis has always dreamed of having a “True Blue Friend,” like her mom, Carrie, had growing up. Constantly moving around hasn’t made that easy, but she thought that maybe this summer would be different. Carrie surprises Anthoni on the last day of school with a packed car and plans to go to the Showboat Resort. Unfortunately, the resort is nothing like she pictured. The summer gets worse when Carrie admits the real reason they came to the Showboat—she is hiding from her debt. The Gillis girls make a plan—meet potentials, sell cosmetic products, and get out of debt by the end of the month. With the help of a mermaid, some small tricks, and a little magic, the summer turns around and the Gillis girls find out that a real “True Blue Friend” is often hiding in plain sight.