Article Title

Orange for the Sunsets


Taylor Nelson


Dependable, Intermediate, India, Uganda, Prejudice, Class, Friendship

Document Type

Book Review


Asha and Yesofu have been best friends since birth. Asha is Indian and Yesofu is African, but that has never mattered—until now. Ugandan president Idi Amin has decreed that all Indians in Uganda have ninety days to leave the country, and suddenly Asha's world turns upside down as the people in Entebbe become increasingly hostile to her family and her fellow Indians. Determined to show that she is just as Ugandan as the Africans around her, Asha clings to the life she has always known. But Yesofu is torn between loyalty to his friendship with Asha and the opportunities that a Uganda for Africans promises—a chance at university, wealth for his family. With only days to go before the deadline, Asha and Yesofu are faced with a choice: to hold on to their friendship amid the unrest and brutality around them, or to let each other go.