Article Title

What Momma Left Me


Taylor Nelson


Outstanding, Intermediate, Grief, Death, Family, African Americans, Christian life

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Book Review


In the aftermath of her mother's violent death, Serenity and her little brother, Danny, move in with their grandparents and try to pick up the pieces of their lives. The trauma seems never ending, but things get a little easier when Serenity makes friends with Maria, a girl in her class, and meets a cute boy named Jay, who makes her feel seen. But just as Serenity begins to settle in to her new life and home, it all takes a turn for the worse when Danny starts hanging out with the wrong crowd and making poor choices, and Jay is a part of it too. When the crushing weight of all of the secrets and burdens she is keeping inside seems too much to bear, Serenity learns an important lesson: sometimes it's the unsavory ingredients that combine to make the best cake.