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You Owe Me a Murder


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Teen, Suspense, Thriller, Drama

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Book Review


Seventeen-year-old Kim is about to embark on a two-week study abroad to London. But Kim's ex-boyfriend, Connor, and his brand new girlfriend are also coming on the trip. Things start to turn around when Kim meets Nicki, who seems smart, worldly, wise, and full of excitement and adventure. Kim and Nicki become fast friends and, after the plane eventually leaves, Kim tells Nicki all about how much she hates Connor—and why he deserves to die. Once Kim arrives in London, she loses track of Nicki, and a new boy, Alex, starts to take her attention off of Connor. The next morning, tragedy strikes and Connor is killed by oncoming subway train. Nicki soon reappears and tells Kim that she has fulfilled Kim's "wish" of having Connor dead, and now Nicki needs a hit done in return. Kim has to decide whether to commit Nicki's murder or to sit back and watch Nicki tear her world apart.