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Outstanding, Young Adult, Coming of Age, Friendship, High School, Family, Sexuality

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Book Review


Sam Jones is a self-proclaimed nerdy "robot" who loves aerospace engineering and painting surreal landscapes and hates everything to do with the high school social scene. Zoe Miller is an outgoing, people-pleasing popular girl who loves being on stage in school musical and performances. It's surprising, then, when these two girls connect over one of Sam's paintings. They eventually form a deep bond of friendship over shared fears and struggles with family through an imaginative world, "Starworld," created via texting to help them both find refuge from reality. As Sam and Zoe help each other through various trials, the closeness brings up complex emotions for both girls. Sam, starting to figure out her sexuality, finds herself attracted to Zoe, even though Zoe has never given any indication of feeling the same way about Sam. However, with the help of tacos, hot sauce, a dragon named Humphrey, and, most of all, each other, Sam and Zoe learn what it means to be loved and what it means to be human