Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Paranormal, Mystery, Courage, History

Document Type

Book Review


Serafina and her pa live hidden in the basement of the Biltmore, the Vanderbilt's grandiose mansion hidden deep in the woods of North Carolina. Serafina is twelve-years-old and proud to stalk the house in the dark of night to catch rats that roam the halls. She knows that she is different but doesn't understand how. One night while making her rounds, Serafina discovers a man in a black cloak kidnapping a young guest of the Vanderbilts. When the girl suddenly and mysteriously disappears into the folds of the cloak Serafina herself must fight wildly to escape herself. As a protector of Biltmore she decides to pursue and defeat the man in the black cloak. As she does so, she makes friends with the youngest Vanderbilt, discovers the mystery of her unique abilities, and explores the forbidden woods and a haunted forgotten cemetery. What she truly discovers is how important her family and friends are and how much she loves them.