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Grumpy Goat


Karen Abbott


Dependable, Preschool, Primary, Grumpy, Farm, Friends, Attitude

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Book Review


Grumpy Goat is devoted to his gut. All he wants to do is eat. He is only concerend about where he wants to eat, when he wants to eat, and not being bothered by the other animals while he eats. This used to be the happiest farm, but Goat's surliness brings all of the animals down. Then, while munching the grass, Goat sees a dandelion. He thinks that it is dandy indeed and he cares for the blossom through the summer. The animals join him in appreciating the bloom until fall comes and his lovely plant falls apart in the wind. He is crushed. All of the other animals on the farm offer their support and soon make friends. To his surprise the field is covered in dandelions come spring.