Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Young Adult, Adventure, Romance, Spies, Courage, Loyalty

Document Type

Book Review


Sage enjoys tutoring the royal children but her first love is Alex, the captain of the guard, and he has a new assignment as the leader of the king's most elite fighting forces. Sage and Alex are at odds. Alex is horribly afraid for Sage's safety after believing her dead in a previous conflict. Sage, being headstrong and determined, refuses to be left behind. She convinces the Queen to send her as a spy undercover as the prince's tutor with Alex' military expedition. Sage and the prince are targets for a desperate military group that desires to hold them for ransom. As they escape, Sage and the prince meet an opposing group of spies who take them deep into unknown dessert territory. Alex pursues them and together they unite military forces to rescue two kingdoms. Sage, with her usual keen skills of observation, saves the day, but at great personal sacrifice. As the story ends sage and her lover, Alex face possible years of separation with sadness and a profound sense of commitment.