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Boss No More


Carly Atchley


Excellent, Primary, Bossy, Teasing, Mean, Friendship, Kindness

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Book Review


Lucas has lots of friends at his school, and the new kid, Timothy, has none. Lucas is quick to point this out to anyone who will listen, along with the fact that Nina is just lucky in soccer, not talented, that Alex is a teacher’s pet, and that his best friend Hugo’s little sister is a whiny baby. The more Lucas teases and bosses his friends around, the fewer friends he seems to have. Finally, Hugo’s sister points out that if he keeps pushing others away through bossing and making fun, he’ll be alone for the rest of his life. Lucas is heartbroken as he explains to his mom what has happened. She suggests that he use his talents to uplift his friends rather than tear them down. In the end, Lucas makes individual drawings for each of his friends, highlighting their talents and building back friendships he had lost.