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Meet Cute


Emilee Bell


Dependable, Young Adult, LGBTQ+, romance, YA, short stories, futuristic, STEM, space

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Book Review


Like a sprinkler makes rainbows on a sunny day, explore the creations of over a dozen authors exploring the idea of young love. From statistical experiments for high school projects to futuristic government agencies on the harm of ended love, readers’ imaginations will flourish with the intricate, sweet, and highly emotional plots contained within these pages. Modern love stories dominate the content, focusing on technology, STEM, apps, and LGBTQ+ relationships. The publishers obviously selected the stories for the unity of modern love, even futuristic love. Many of these tales focus on the intersection of heavy life events with love and attraction—cyberbullying, anxiety, depression, death, discrimination, and poverty are among the issues addressed. The most common question tackled in this book, though, is whether love at first sight really happens.