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Tessa McMilan


Dependable, Young Adult, Assassins, Adventure and adventurers, Antiquities, Science fiction

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Book Review


In an isolated Scottish estate, teens Quin, Shinobu, and John are finishing their combat training to become Seekers. Seekers are an ancient order of time traveling warriors who help those in need. Their head trainer, Quin’s father, does not want John to progress, so he sabotages John’s final trial and banishes him from the estate. Quin and Shinobu become Seekers, but their lives are a nightmare. Quin’s father uses them as assassins, killing for profit. Unfortunately, Quin and Shinobu swore an unbreakable oath to never leave or reveal their work as Seekers. When a vengeful John returns to the estate to forcefully claim his spot as a Seeker, Quin and Shinobu use this distraction to escape from Quin’s deceitful father. Their time traveling takes them to Hong Kong where both teens live separate lives trying to forget their Seeker experiences. Unfortunately, John follows their trail and their Seeker problems resurface.