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Cub's Big World


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Sarah L. Thomson, Joe Cepeda, Arctic, Polar Bear, Bear Cub

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Book Review


A polar bear cub settles into the comfort of her mother's cool, white fur. Her understanding of the world expands when she and her mother leave the comfort of their den. Everything is new to the little bear cub, and she climbs an icy hill to get a better view of it all. Suddenly, she falls down the other side of the hill and realizes she is without her mother. Since she knows her mother's nose is black, she looks for something that's black, but finds a raven, an ermine, and a seal instead. She bravely climbs a hill and finds, on the other side, her mother, along with her mother's kisses. Mother bear will be with bear cub in the big, sometimes scary world until the cub is big too. She cuddles back into the comfort of her mother's cool, white fur to rest, safe and sound again.